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Need-Based Grants for Culture-Centric, Evidence-Based, Clinical Therapy 



Treatment of mental health in the multicultural community is different from the general populous in America today. Culturally, our foods are different, our mindsets are different, and our problems are different. However, there is one thing that is the same; we all deserve accessibility to the best treatment protocols and medical advancements in mental health. 


Kounsel offers need-based grants to deserving people with mental health conditions so they can receive culturally diverse diagnostic assessment that incorporates a formal clinical interview, a chemical dependency assessment if needed, and a battery of psychological testing measures inclusive of the M3. Psychological testing provides an avenue to establish or confirm diagnoses and evaluate various psychological characteristics or processes related to an individual's symptom profile, personality structure, cognitive or intellectual functioning, emotional status, social and behavioral patterns, and strengths and resources. Testing assists in the comprehensive assessment of an individual's need for specific therapeutic services and strongly supports the construction of a suitable, integrated mental health wellness treatment plan.

By integrating science-based treatments, leading-edge research, and personalized care, Kounsel has become a destination for challenging treatment cases. The testing and assessment process involves a structured clinical interview, review of previous treatment records and collateral information when available, the administration, scoring, and interpretation of one or several empirically validated psychological measures, and a feedback and debriefing session to discuss the results. Our nationwide multidisciplinary team of culturally diverse psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers is committed to giving patients of all ages the tools and support they need to achieve their highest level of mental health.

**Mental health wellness categorically addresses: marital counseling, divorce counseling, life coaching, depression, anger management, addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, child, adolescent and adult counseling.


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