We believe mental wellness is an integrated process and encompasses the total person, mind, body, and spirit. We also believe that everyone deserves quality mental health and we are committed to improving the lives of clients through providing need-based grants to deserving people just like you.  


Couples (married and unmarried) may experience changes in their relationship which manifest into issues such as feelings of detachment, abandonment, loneliness, betrayal, blame, frustration, financial tension, and infidelity, among others. Having a neutral person to talk with often facilitates resolution and healing.


People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, including struggles with Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and numerous other mental, emotional, and behavioral issues. Factors such as loneliness, abuse, grief, stress, addiction, and any other life stressor can affect a person's mental and emotional health.


Families seek therapy for a variety of reasons, including  struggles with life transitions, familial relationships, divorce, blended families, common needs, parenting, and being understanding of each family member's individuality.


Today's youth and young adults face more stressors on a daily basis than ever before. Talking with someone can help with a variety of issues, including Depression, Anxiety, Stress, ADD/ADHD, feelings of isolation, bullying, self-acceptance, low self-esteem, burden of high expectations, and many more.


An environment where cultural diversity is valued and appreciated is crucial to the overall all success of the staff, as well as the company. Find out how our services can benefit your organization today.

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